My Sausage and Pepper Sandwich

Growing up in NJ I can always remember my dad taking me out for Sausage and pepper sandwiches or my mom making them at home. So now that I’m on my own and living in Florida I love recreating memories through food!

My take on a sausage and peppers sandwich is simple!

What you need!

1 package of italian sausage hot or mild

1 vadila onion

1 green/red pepper

1 package of mushrooms

salt, pepper, garlic powder, Sazon seasoning, olive oil

Prep work!

first heat the pan on medium heat pour some olive oil in the pan for nothing to stick.(but im using a non stick pan..i never understood why lol) then slice up your peppers into strips, slice your unions into thin rings and separate, take fresh mushrooms and slice or canned mushrooms sliced if you’re feeling lazy. throw this into a bowl and pour some olive oil over the top and mix in 1 packet of sazon seasoning, and a tablespoon of pepper, and garlic powder and a few shakes of salt. (add more or less to your liking)

Put this to the side and throw your sausage into the pan (medium/high heat.)

Cooking Time!

brown your sausage on either side, once that is done throw in your veggies and Β  let it cook for about 5 min uncovered. Then cover the pan and once in a while move everything around…i seem to do this just because I have nothing else to do. lol 2o-25 min later boom! you are done!

Grab some rolls and ENJOY!


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