I use this stuff on EVERYTHING!

Every time I cook, I look in my spice rack and never really know what to mix and match to really get a great flavor with my dish. Not until the past 2 years when my boyfriend introduced me to Goya product that I have fell in love with!

You may have seen this before or even used it! But this comes in little packets and is great on almost anything! I use this to season my fish, chicken, beef, pretty much anything. Now there are a few different types this one Con Azafran is the one I use on everything. The others ones I have not tried yet. This stuff really gives my food a great flavor and a real ethnic kick! (something I must be lacking lol)

Another one I use is Adobo!

This seasoning is great on almost anything as well. I love how these 2 seasonings are jammed packed with flavor and really bring my food flavor to another level!


Have you ever used these? Have any recipes they wanna share? PLEASE POST!


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2 thoughts on “I use this stuff on EVERYTHING!

  1. Hi , One of my co-workers who was born and raised in Puerto Rico tells me about the most delicious food using both Sazon and Adobo, that she learned to cook from her father.

    She recently described how she makes her rice. When she talked about rice , I was thinking of the plain , white rice that I was raised with. Not so…. Her rice is a full recipe, sounds much more flavorful. Have you heard of making a “Sofritto”? It is several vegetables and fresh spice leaves all blended up.

    • yes my boyfriend is Spanish and has made that before. i love food from all over! thanks for the comment! keep in touch with any recipe ideas! i would love to hear!

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