Sals Italian Restorante Coral Springs, Fl

Location: Landings II. 6280 W Sample Rd # 206. Coral Springs, FL 33067. Phone- 954-510-7810

Well, I had posted about this place a wile ago about their pizza deals.

So they used to be 6.99 Mon & Tue for a large 16in pizza.

But due to prices going up with everything they changed it to 7.99 for Monday & Tuesday, and 9.99 for Wednesday & Thursday.

No biggie, I actually stopped ordering from here just because I felt they were lacking in the tasty department. But the other day I ordered their pizza (cash only on these days) and went to pick it up.

It was really good! I was happy, even tho the deal went up a little in price, I was happy that the quality seemed to improve..or they found someone to make better pizza!

And I have realized not to do delivery anymore.. why pay a fee PLUS tip.. yea the driver needs to make money..but I don’t have any to give you! lol So I drive my happy ass to go pick it up.. lol

Anyone know of any good Pizza Deals in Broward?

(And Real pizza, not Hungry Howie’s lol)

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One thought on “Sals Italian Restorante Coral Springs, Fl

  1. There is nothing better than Italian Food!
    I am nominating YOU for The Versatile Blogger Award because…you are the food aficionado of WordPress!

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