Hotdog & Soda for $2 bucks!

Location : Penn dutch Margate, Fl

(located in the exit door to the left)

Being a Jersey girl I miss dirty water dogs.  What are they you ask? Hot dogs boiled in tap water for hours with spicy mustard and sauerkraut. No Ketchup,   no random crap thrown on them! lol

If you have ever been to NYC you understand what I’m talking about.

And I can’t believe I never talked about this before and how fucking good these doggies are! Penn Dutch makes their own weenies on site and they are big plump ballpark style!

How could you beat a beefy weenie and a fountain soda for $2 bucks?

We have so many out of towners, (example my parents) and when they asked where they could find a hotdog I was like OMG!!! Penn Dutch!

(They also have pizza, sandwiches, breakfast food, soda, snacks)


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