About Hanna

Who am I?  Hanna from NJ and moved to Broward County Florida 4 years ago. I love it here and the awesome food I come across!

My page is simple. great food finds and places to get sweet deals!

I am a college student with time on my hands so cooking, blogging, and eating are on my agenda!

I love to meet fellow foodies/bloggers and share our excitement for food/deals!

So please enjoy my blog! I would love to hear from you!

-Hanna xoxo

16 thoughts on “About Hanna

  1. Hey kid!! Guess what, your so funny! I think you should start a web show. Fo Reals!
    But I am a blog Nerd! How could you not tell me you have one? WHORE! <3 angie

  2. Hanna,

    I haven’t gotten a chance to read your blog yet, but I just wanted to say…Great glasses! What good taste you have. I have the same ones. :)


  3. There is nothing better than Chinese food! There is a wonderful lunch buffet that I visit about 3 to 4 times per week, and it is awesome!

    You realize, of course, that the Best Four Words in the English Language are:
    All You Can Eat!

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